What to put in your morning Smoothie

I'm a big fan of a healthy morning routine. It's the best part of the day. The Sun rises to start a new day of new opportunities.

Starting the day on the right foot can set you up for success.

Checkout this from Positive Eating's Alanna Brown

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Jai Forster

I believe movement can play a huge role in creating a deeper connection to our individual genius and flow

My commitment is to help influence and scale a "movement of movement." To keep future generations healthy and happy with creativity, motion and mindfulness. To increase the social and economic contribution that health and fitness brings to our community

Creative thinking, adding value with big picture positioning and context: I like to start beyond the horizon and work back from there, while considering steps, possible outcomes and people in the process

As a kid, my love for fast paced sprint triathlon, basketball, athletics and trail running lead me to study Human Movement (Sports Science) at University ’98-2000. I dabbled in professional triathlon for a year but gave that up and started my own award winning PT Studio at the age of 22

Eight years later I went back to triathlon and won 2 x Age Group Triathlon World Championships

In 2012 I sold my PT studio, and worked with Anytime Fitness HQ 2013 to 2017 as Fitness Services Manager and then National Project Manager of Operations

I’m big on business with genuine purpose, integrity and trust... Personally I enjoy helping others develop, so we can get the best from ourselves, and for each other